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Book Chapters

  • S. Barhoum, A. K. Agarwal, A. Yethiraj, “Cluster phases in colloids and proteins”, New Challenges in Electrostatics of Soft and Disordered Matter, ed. D. Dean, J. Dobnikar, A. Naji, R. Podgornik, Pan Stanford 2013.
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News & Reviews

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  • M. van Calmthout,”Turen naar een slap kristal”, de Volkskrant, 01.02.2003.

Student Theses

My PhD thesis

is here. I did my Ph.D. on the nematic–smectic-A liquid crystal phase transition, with John Bechhoefer at Simon Fraser University.

Selected Talks

University of Winnipeg CAP colloquium

Cecam Toulouse 2012: pdf: if you use it, cite Book Chapter 1

ACS Colloids 2015: pdf : if you use it, cite the relevant publications (Phys. Rev. X, 5, 011030 (2015), Lab on a Chip, 14, 1330-1335 (2014), Scientific Reports 2, 738 (2012), Soft Matter, 9, 3693-3704 (2013))